Realms of Darkness

The multiplayer miniature wargame

Realms of Darkness is a miniature wargame, based on armies of miniatures in the 28-32mm scale. 

We aim for an easy-to-learn, but hard-to-master ruleset.

The game is based on a ruleset that keeps players active throughout the game, even whith several players in the same battle.

Realms of Darkness supports everything from skirmishes to large naval and siege battles.

The game has a constantly growing background that makes for many interesting battles and playstyles.

The Rules

Below are links to the different rulesets of the Realms of Darkness miniature game. We have split the rules, so no ruleset gets too large and only the relevant rules for your game are displayed.

Main Rules

This is the basic ruleset, explaining the statistics, the flow of the gameturn and similar


Building an army


Flow of game


Special rules

Magic Rules

An overview of all the magic lores, the price per spell and casting values


Basic magic lores

Advanced magic lores

Equipment Rules

This is the document that contains all rules for weapons and armours


Melee weapons

Ranged Weapons



Magic Items

This is the document that contains the rules for magic items all armies have access to


Magic Scrolls

Wizard's Items

Upcoming Events

Lincon 2024


Games of 1500 points. Sign up at

Location: Lincon Event

Date 09-05-2024 to 11-05-2024 Time 8.30 - 19.00

Escalation Campaign


 1 game every 3 weeks, starting at 500 points  and +100 points for every match. Sign up at:

Location: The Copenhagen area, games are arranged between you an your opponent

Starting Fall 2024



2500 point games.

Sign up at:


Location: DGI Byen by Copenhagen Central Station

18-10-2024 to 20-10-2024